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2009-08-05 11:55 am
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Seems that I got already lazy with posting entries to this journal. That's just so like me... ^^"

I had a bit of an artist's block... no ideas, no motivation, no inspiration... the usual. ^^"

But now I think I got over it. Hopefully. ^^

See here:

Sherlock Holmes fanart

I already have to other ideas for Resident Evil fanart and then I have to get one birthday present ready... for Friday. X3

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2009-07-16 08:30 pm
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I just realized I miss Japan sooo much, that I would take the first plane I could get my hands on and leave everything behind without a second thought. Yes, sometimes it's really that bad. ^^"

Nyaaa, can't wait to go there again! ^^
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2009-07-12 10:28 pm
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First entry!

Hello hello.

This is my first journal entry here on dreamwidth. I'm not sure what I will post here, but I hope that (whatever it will be) I will do it regularly. ^^

Maybe I should think a bit about the things I want to do (and share) here and then go from there...

Ah, well, I hope I will have a good time here!